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Main Cities
More Activities and Festivals

The area abounds in pleasant routes on which you can learn about Saint Francis’ life. The tourist office offers maps of the region even marking the route Saint Francis took to Gubbio. Monte Subasio is an attraction for hikers and cycling fans. Good maps are offered at the tourist office with bicycle trails.
You can rent a bicycle at Angelucci Andrea Cicli Riparazione Noleggio in Santa Maria degli Angeli.
During the Easter week processions and performances take place in Assisi.
Festa di Calendimaggio is held in May. During the festival the beginning of spring is welcomed with people dressed in historical costumes typical of the Middle Ages.
The most important religious celebration is held on the 3rd and 4th October. It is of course the Festa di San Francesco.
The Marcia della Pace (March of Peace) is the largest European march drawing 150,000 marchers who go on foot from Perugia to Assisi.
Unlike many other towns in the region lunch does not interrupt shop opening hours. Souvenir shops abound when you get closer to the basilica. Piazza Matteotti also plays host to an open air market on Saturdays. There is another in Santa Maria degli Angeli on Mondays.

Courses are organized at Accademia della Lingua Italiana Corsi di Lingua e Cultura Italiana. As well as language courses these cover many other aspects of culture such as cooking and singing.