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Main Cities
Castiglione del Lago


This town was founded by the Etruscans. For ten centuries it moved from hand to hand with popes, emperors and other powerhouses taking control respectively. The newly built parts of Castiglione del Lago are quite separate from the old parts which still have the original medieval feel.
As centuries elapsed Castiglione del Lago became a tourist destination but it is not overrun by visitors like some other Umbrian towns have begun to be.
Emperor Frederick II commissioned the construction of the Fortress of the Lion; but it wasn´t finished until the mid-13th century. The strategic position in which it was constructed gives it an excellent view of the lake.
The antique Palazzo della Corgna is embellished by number of frescoes commissioned to Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi and Salvio Savini. This ducal palace was constructed in the 1500s by Jacopo Barozzi  There is a roofed corridor linking the palazzo and the pentagon-shaped Fortress of the Lion already mentioned.
In April or May the sky of Castiglione del Lago is filled with colours for the “ Colour the Skies” Festival in which light aircraft, hot air balloons and kites create a beautiful sight.