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Buldings in Orvieto

Capella di San Brizio houses a magnificent fresco of The Last Judgement by Luca Signorelli. To the right of the altar this magnificent piece holds visitors attention.
The work was begun in 1499, supposedly Michelangelo’s “muse” considering that the great artist used the same subject to decorate the Sistine Chapel four decades later. Other frescoes to admire in the chapel are the ceiling frescoes by Fra Angelico.

The Capelle del Corporate houses the silver reliquary in which the altar cloth stained with blood from the Miracle of Bolsena is kept. The Sienese school turned the reliquary into a piece of art. Ugolino di Prete Ilario created the wall frescoes representing the miracle. Capella di San Brizio and Capella del Corporate are closed during mass.

The 250 steps of Torre del Moro lead to a magnificent viewing point looking over the whole town. The steps are just off the end of the main road in town. The Chiesa di Sant’Andrea was constructed  in the 12th century replacing the Roman building which had formerly replaced an Etruscan construction. Building on top of other pre-existing buildings was a common practice. Its decagonal bell tower is particuarly impressive. Palazzo del Popolo which combines Romanesque and Gothic features was constructed in the 12th century and dominates  Piazza del Popolo on Corso Cavour.

Chiesa di San Giovenale built in 1000 is situated in the northwest part of Orvieto. Its interiors were frescoed in the 13th and 14th centuries.