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Piazza IV Novembre

Piazza IV Novembre is the heart of Perugia in the same way as it was for the Etruscans and Romans back in ancient times. It was the political heart of town in the Middle Ages and now a social hub where friends meet for an evening drink or ice cream.
The Cathedral di San Lorenzo in this piazza is on the site where there used to be a 10th century church. The cathedral was started in the mid 14th century following the plans of Fra Bevignate. Its construction took over 230 years. The doorway was only constructed in the 18th century. Unfortunately the pink façade has remained unfinished. The interior is Gothic with its  altarpiece created by Signorelli and the sculptures by Duccio.
The centre of the square is the magnificent Fontana Maggiore. The design was also by Fra Bevignate and Nicolo and Giovanni Pisano started construction in 1275 and finished in 1278. The fountain sports bas-relief statues showing passages of the Old Testament, Rome’s foundation, the liberal arts, a griffin and a lion- the former of which represents Perugia and the latter the Guelphs who supported the pope in his quest for control replacing the Holy Roman Empire.
A passeggiata is a must that inhabitants and visitors all take part in, generally around the main centre of town. This evening stroll gives you a real feel for Perugia- Its customs, smells, sights, and …. best of all, it is free!