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Religious Buldings in Spoleto

Spoleto’s cathedral, consecrated at the end of the13th century underwent some modifications four centuries later. It is a breathtaking building whose façade is in the Romanesque style but with a Renaissance porch. Enormous stones that had been used in Roman buildings were used in the construction of the 11th century bell tower in the 11th century.
Bernardino Pinturicchio was in charge of embellishing the Chapel of Bishop Constantino Eroli situated to the right of the nave. Annibale Caracci finished off one of the frescoes that embellished the right transept. The fresco of the "Life of the Virgin Mary" was painted by Filippo Lippi, Fra Diamante and Piero Matteo d’ Amelia in the apse. This famous artist from Amelia also painted the canopy of stars on the Sistine Chapel, a painting that was later painted over by Michelangelo. As Lippi died while he was working on the decoration, Lorenzo di Medici had a mausoleum constructed in his honour in the right transept. Spoleto‘s last concert every year takes place in the piazza dominated by this cathedral.

The old Chiesa dei SS Giovanni e Paolo consecrated on the late 18th century and situated on Via Filitteria is a tiny church built in the pre-Romanesque style which also used Roman remains in its construction. The fresco "Our Mary with Saints" above the door and the representation of the martyrdom of the Archbishop of Canterbury Sir Thomas Becket are worth a look at.

Chiesa di Sant’Eufemia on Via A Saffi dating back to the 12th century is within the site of Archbishop´s palace. The "matronei" will catch the visitors attention, the galleries where women in the congregation were secluded.

The Museo Diocesano is next door. Galleria d’Arte Moderna has excellent quality modern art pieces. One of its exhibitiion rooms was opened in honour of the Italian sculptor Leoncillo.