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Museums and More in Spoleto

The Museo Archeologico which is on Piazza della Libertà is housed in what once was a Benedictine monastery and a prison. Its collection includes Roman and Etruscan pieces discovered in the area and two statues, one representing Augustus and one thought to be of Caesar. Nearby is the Teatro Romano, dating back to the 1st century and where, in the summer, it is still possible to enjoy performances. It is also one of the main performance locations for the Spoleto festival. Piazza Fontana, found to the east of Piazza della Libertà, is surrounded by other Roman remains. Among which is the Arch of Drusus and Germanicus, Tiberius’ sons. This arch was the gateway to the Roman forum. The Casa Romana provides visitors with some insight into how a typical 1st century BC Roman house would have been,  decorated with original mosaics and paintings. Spoleto had one of the largest Roman amphitheatres but unfortunately it cannot be visited as it belongs to military barracks. If you take a stroll along Via dell’Anfiteatro you can enjoy a view of it.
For a nice walking route head along Via del Ponte to Ponte delle Torri. In the Middle Ages this bridge was constructed on the old foundations of an aqueduct built by the Romans. 10 arches support this 80m high bridge which is 230 m long. Walk across the bridge and continue along Strada di Monteluco, the lower path, as far as the Chiesa di San Pietro whose façade is adorned with animal figures added in the 13th century.
For the Rocca Albornoziana there is a combined ticket which allows entry to both the fortress and the museum. This fortress was erected in the 14th century following the style of Cardinal Albornoz. Along with this fortress he had others in Narni, Orvieto and Perugia built when he led Innocent VI’s troops to seize Umbria. The enormous Rocca soars over Spoleto and served  as a high security prison until 1982, where the attempted assassin of John Paul II was imprisoned. At present it houses the National Museum of the Dukedom of Spoleto and outdoor concerts are staged here, particularly during the Spoleto festival. The museum displays art from the pinacoteca of Spoleto.
The Pinacoteca Comunale has been carrying out refurbishing for a year now and during this time its collection has been taken to the National Museum of the Dukedom of Spoleto which is housed in the Rocca Albornoziana.
For shopping, Via dell’Arco Druso is lined with shops stocking local specialities. L’Antico Frantoio offers pasta, Castelluccio lentils, wine, oil and cheese. If you make a purchase, it can be sent via FedEx to anywhere in the world.