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Main Cities

Todi's Religiuous Buildings

(first picture)
The cathedral boasts a wonderful rose window and ornate entrance. It is not the only religious building which deserves a visit as the tall Tempio di San Fortunato houses frescoes painted by Masolino da Panicale and Beato Jacopone tomb.

(second picture)
Il Campanile di San Fortunato offers a dominating view of the hills and castles around the town. Near it is the Teatro Comunale which has been operating since 1876 when a performance of a Verdi opera was staged.

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Chiesa di Santa Maria della Consolazione constructed in the Renaissance style is one of the most renowned churches in Todi and excelling others built in the 16th century. The church is located outside the city walls. It is supposed to have been planned by Donato Bramante at the beginning of 16th century; however it was finished one century later. In its interior its Greek cross design inspires admiration. Its dome can even be seen from 10 km away.