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Piazza del Popolo  is an atmospheric and famed square in Italy, located in the centre of Todi, where the tourist office is. Around the piazza you will find a lugubrious medieval cathedral, busy shops, locals and tourists stun at the never ending magnificent feeling of living in the past. Palazzo del Capitano erected in the 13th century following the architectural Lombard style is connected to Palazzo del Popolo to make up the Museo Pinacoteca de Todi. The museum is home to the picture gallery and a museum whose collection is composed of archaeological pieces, coins, weaving, ceramics, frescoed rooms, works of art by Giovanni di Pietro (Lo Spagna) and a reproduction from an Etruscan statue of Mars.
The Roman cisterns deserve the admiration of any engineer, an unbelievable achievement of the Antiquity. The two systems it is composed of provided Todi with water until the Middle Ages and were constructed where the Piazza del Popolo is, being today the founding structure of this square.
The Parco della Rocca has the vestiges of the antique fort (rocca). As it is located on the upper part of Todi the roman wall, the Nicchioni, can be admired from here. The Nicchioni are small niches whose origin or what they served as is unknown. Historians have guessed that they may have served as recesses in the civic forum or the road above’s support.. The walls erected in different moments of history are interrupted by the Porta Romana, the Porta Perugina and the Porta Marzia. In 1325 to protect Todi from Orvieto a fortress was constructed outside the city walls. Today it is the Convento di Montesanto.
A combined ticket is an excellent choice to have combined and organized entrance to the Museo Pinacoteca, the Roman cisterns and the Tempi di San Fortunato. They are available in the attraction themselves or in the tourist office.
For ten days in July / August Todi plays host to the Todi Festival in which jazz fans, theatre goers, ballet and cinema enthusiasts will have the time of their lives. For more information link www.todiartefestival.it
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